Retaining Structures

A Sheet Pile InstallSuperior Foundations specializes in retaining structures that are engineered specifically to retain soil and rock from a building, area, or structure and are often used to support changes in grade and create a right-of-way. These structures vary in complexity and include gravity, sheet pile, cantilever, bored pile, and anchored retaining structures.

Retaining Structure Types

Gravity: Gravity retaining structures rely solely on their weight to stand up.

Sheet Pile: A sheet pile retaining structure is generally used in tight spaces and soft soils and are made out of wood, vinyl, or steel planks that are driven into the ground.

Cantilevered: A cantilevered retaining structure is constructed from mortared masonry or steel reinforced cast in place concrete. They cantilever loads to a structural footing which converts horizontal pressures behind the wall into vertical pressures to the ground below.

Bored Pile: A bored pile retaining structure is constructed by assembling a series of bored piles. Excess soil is then excavated. Depending on project requirements, the bored pile Gulf Coast retaining structure may then require reinforcing beams, earth anchors, shotcrete reinforcement layer, and soil improvement operations.

Anchored: An anchored retaining structure utilizes cables or other stays which we anchor into the rock or soil behind the retaining structure. The use of anchored retaining structures are desirable where you expect high loads.

Selecting the Proper Retaining Structure

Before Superior Foundations analyzes and designs a retaining structure for use, our experts will analyze the job site conditions to determine what type of retaining structure is suitable for the conditions. We then engineer every retaining structure to ensure that it can withstand the loads that are above and behind them.

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