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Midstream includes the processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. Superior Foundations is a leading Deep Foundation provider for new construction projects as well as expansion projects in the industry  to numerous large companies within the Midstream Sector.

Downstream is the refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing and purifying of raw natural gas. It also includes the marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil and natural gas. Superior Foundations is a leading Deep Foundation provider for new construction projects. It also provides expansion projects in the industry to numerous large companies within the Downstream Sector.

Superior Foundations is a leading Deep Foundation Contractor bringing solutions to the Construction Industry through our deep foundation Experience and Expertise, Including Gas and Oil Pipelines, mains, pumping stations, refineries and storage Facilities.

Superior Foundations Understands the Needs of Its Deep Foundation Clients

Deep Foundation Construction in Limited Access AreaSuperior is an experienced Deep Foundation Contractor leading the Deep Foundation industry. Over the years we have accumulated extensive resources that set us apart in the Deep Foundation Industry, such as highly experienced, certified and highly skilled operators and workers. Additionally, Superior has a close working relationship with our vendors and suppliers and a very deep understanding of the Civil Construction/Deep Foundation industry. This then allows Superior to offer our clients an outstanding level of safety, quality, and efficiency while remaining on schedule and on budget.

In the civil construction sector, deep foundations refer to the piles, piers, drilled shafts, permanent cased shafts and helical piles that are embedded through Superior’s Deep Foundation expertise into the ground.

The added depth allows the foundation’s integrity and lateral loads to bear a higher weight load while remaining strong and secure, even under conditions where soil quality is poor near the surface. Superior Foundations offers a full range of comprehensive deep foundations services within our civil/Deep Foundation team.

Different Driven Pile Materials

Superior Foundations has experience with a variety of different pile material types. This then allows us to us offer more versatility to our clients and to use the pile material that will be most beneficial and effective to all Deep Foundation projects. For example, our experience and expertise include:

  • Steel or H-piles – Piles that are made of steel are often also called H-piles, these steel beams are manufactured in an H shape. Steel pipe piles (permanent Cased Drill Shafts) These Steel piles are very strong and can bear a great deal of weight to increase lateral load. Superior Foundations can use steel H piles or permanent cased Drill Shafts for our civil construction projects as needed and can evaluate corrosion risk and determine the appropriate methods of prevention for your Deep Foundation Project.
  • Prestressed Concrete Piles – Piles that are engineered and made of prestressed concrete has advantages in terms of overcoming concrete’s susceptibility to tension. Prestressing is accomplished by the process of using either pre-tensioned concrete, bonded post-tensioned concrete, or unbonded post-tensioned concrete. Superior Foundations can use prestressed concrete to design piles as needed to increase the concrete pile’s resistance to tension.
  • Reinforced Concrete Piles – Reinforced concrete piles’ unique design has reinforcing bars, aka rebar, added to increase its tensile strength. This design helps prevent cracking along with pile integrity to avoid structural failure. Superior Foundations’ experts can oversee any civil construction projects that call for the use of reinforced concrete piles.
  • Timber or Wood Piles – Piles made of wood or timber offer a more cost-effective pile option compared to concrete or steel H pile or Pipe Pile. Superior Foundations can evaluate each deep foundation project and then determine if timber piles are a suitable alternative.
  • Composite Piles – Composite piles are piles that are constructed to be fastened together to form a single, longer pile. They may be designed from different materials such as steel or concrete. When the project calls for composite piles, Superior Foundations will ensure that the pile integrity is both safe and secure.

Auger Cast Piles

Auger cast piles are a very unique pile formed by drilling a hollow-stemmed, continuous flight auger into the ground to the desired depth of the project. Then a cement grout mix is pumped (with specialized grout pump) down the stem of the auger as the auger is slowly withdrawn. Reinforcement steel rebar cages are added as needed. Auger cast piles offer the advantage of causing minimal disturbance to the site. Superior Foundations can oversee auger cast pile projects for our civil construction clients.

Speciality Piles

Construction Workers Building FoundationSuperior Foundations offers, in addition to auger cast piles and the various pile material types mentioned above, some projects may benefit from the use of Superiors Speciality piles. These include piles such as sheet piles, drill shafts, permanent cased drill shafts, vibratory piles, and helical piles to name a few. Furthermore, Superior Foundations will oversee the safe installation of these Speciality piles types as we work diligently with our construction clients to ensure that they get the best type of pile design possible for their Deep Foundation Project.

Superior Foundation’s Standard of Excellence for Deep Foundation Projects

Superior Foundation’s Experience and Expertise adheres to the highest level of civil construction standards for our deep foundation projects. We carefully follow all guidelines set by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) when working with concrete and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) for our use of other materials and testing our Deep Foundation Projects. Our clients know that when they choose Superior Foundations as their deep foundation contractor, they will have a strong foundation that they can build on.


Drill shafts

Drill shafts are large drilled holes which are then filled with concrete. They are part of a deep foundation system for large structures such as bridges and large buildings. The experienced operators and ground crews at Superior Foundations specialize in drill shafts for deep foundations in the Gulf Coast region. We also offer a variety of drill shaft foundations that can support our client’s structures based on the load that needs to be imposed anywhere in the Gulf Coast region.
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Driven pile

Driven pile foundations are a generally used foundation system that provides support for bridges, buildings, and other large structures in the Gulf Coast region. Foundations that utilize driven piles do so as driven piles transfer structural loads to the ground for the purpose of avoiding excess settlement and lateral movement. Driven Piles are very effective in weak and compressible soil layers. This is because they transfer the load of the structure to the more stable soil and rocks below.
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Auger cast in place piles

Auger cast in place piles have become more widely used in foundations for structures. For example, a structure requires accelerated construction or rehabilitation of overstressed existing structures. In this case, auger cast in place piles construct foundations of all types of structures.
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Helical piles

Helical piles are part of helical pile system. They are a segmented deep foundation. They use helical bearing plates which we then weld to a central shaft. In turn, this then transfers the load of a structure to the surrounding soil from the shaft through the helical bearing plates. The helices do not auger into the surrounding soil. Instead, they screw into the soil with minimal disturbance due to their helical shape.
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Retaining Structures

Superior Foundations specializes in retaining structures engineered specifically to retain soil and rock from a building, area, or structure. Furthermore, we often use these structures to support changes in grade and create a right-of-way. Retaining structures vary in complexity and include gravity, sheet pile, cantilever, bored pile, and anchored retaining structures.
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Auger pressure grouted piles

Auger pressure grouted piles are engineered by forcing a hollow continuous flight auger into the ground. We then pump grout through the hollow shaft of the auger. This then produces shafts of grout in the surrounding soil. We generally install auger pressure grouted piles at depths of up to 150 feet. The diameters of the grouted piles vary between 12 to 24 inches (in 2-inch increments) and 30 to 48 inches (in 6-inch increments).
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