Driven Piles

Driven piles are a commonly used form of building foundation. They provide support to a variety of building structures. For example, they help transfer a structure’s load to more stable soil and rocks beneath the surface. They are typically installed with impact or vibration hammers.

Are you working on a project in the Gulf Coast region? You can use driven piles for most infrastructure projects. The main advantages of using driven piles include:


Piles can be prefabricated off site.  Project teams want each phase of the building process to run efficiently. Having a driven pile prefabricated off-site makes the installation process much easier.


There are a wide variety of shapes and materials available for driven piles. Additionally, you can have them customized to your specified dimensions. If needed, you can create driven piles with high structural strength. Thus, you will need less of them when building.

Structural Strength

Compared to other forms of foundation, driven piles have superior structural strength. They have high lateral resistance. They also have high bending resistance. These qualities make driven piles ideal for tough conditions.

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