Auger Pressure Grouted Piles

Deep Foundation Construction in Limited Access AreaAuger pressure grouted piles are engineered by forcing a hollow continuous flight auger into the ground. We then pump grout through the hollow shaft of the auger. This then produces shafts of grout in the surrounding soil. We generally install auger pressure grouted piles at depths of up to 150 feet. The diameters of the grouted piles vary between 12 to 24 inches (in 2-inch increments) and 30 to 48 inches (in 6-inch increments). Superior Foundations installs auger pressure grouted piles in a variety of geologies in the Gulf Coast area. Auger pressure grouted piles have been load tested to over 1000 tons. Furthermore, they can be utilized as foundations to support compressive loads up to 500 tons.

Advances in Auger Pressure Grouted Piles

Recently, there have been numerous interesting advances in the testing, design and construction of auger pressure grouted piles. New construction methods and techniques involve the addition of displacement piles with no spoils. Other new techniques use partial displacement piles with some. These methods utilize several of the same procedures as traditional auger pressure grouted piles. These new auger pressure grouted pile types are best suited where loose to medium dense sand soil and soft to firm clay conditions are present.

New testing and quality assurance procedures include:

  • automated pile installation monitoring equipment
  • non-destructive integrity testing
  • grout maturity strength testing procedures

The Auger Pressure Grouted Pile Experts

Superior Foundations’ experts have extensive knowledge and experience in auger pressure grouted pile applications. We stay up to date with current techniques and make sure that all code and safety requirements are met. We strive to satisfy all of our customers and it shows through our reputation. If you are unsure what you project may require, then give us a call today. Contact a Superior Foundation team member for more information as well as a price quote for your next auger pressure grouted piles project at (888) 990-9587.

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