Helical Piles

Helical InstallationAlso known as helical piers, these piers can be used for and commercial structures that require a deep foundation system. Aggressive and soft soil types generally call for helical pile installation because the individual piles are not directly connected to each other, ensuring that each section is supported correctly. As commercial structures are generally larger, the support system for new construction and foundation repair need to be able to support the extra weight and space. Because they are screwed into the ground, helical piles can be installed with minimal soil disturbance and noise. There is also no need for excavation or concrete when using helical piles, so our footprint on the job is minimized. Immediate load carrying capability means that new construction or regular use of the structure can continue following installation. Helical Piles are excellent with limited access because the installation process screws the helical pile directly down in the ground. This process reduces the space needed for installation and limits ground disturbance. Superior Foundation’s works with various soil types and building structures as they resist both tension and compression loads. There is no site preparation required for helical pile installation. Whereas most foundation systems need to be installed during good weather, helical pile installation can take place in almost any weather conditions because the process does not use concrete or require excavation. Each helical pile is installed to act as an individual bearing element, providing support independent of each other. Size and depth of helical piles are determined by the size of the structure, soil composition and the support needed to repair the foundation. Each pile is screwed into the ground until the necessary depth is reached and our crew is certain that the helical pile can support your commercial building. Superior Foundations can determine which piles are the right foundations solution for your project.

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