Auger Cast in Place Piles

Auger Cast Pile Install Augercast piles are a very unique pile formed by drilling a hollow-stemmed, continuous flight auger into the ground to the desired depth of the project. Then a cement grout mix is pumped (with specialized grout pump) down the stem of the auger as the auger is slowly withdrawn. Reinforcement steel rebar cages are added as needed. Augercast piles offer the advantage of causing minimal disturbance to the site. Superior Foundation’s can design and perform auger cast piles efficiently and beneficial to your project needs. These piles are essential when less vibration is required such as in a chemical plant installation.

The Auger Cast in Place Piles Experts

Superior Foundation’s experts have extensive knowledge and experience in auger cast in place piles applications. Contact a Superior Foundations team member for more information and a price quote for your next auger cast in place piles project at (888) 990-9587.

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