Safety is ingrained in Superior Foundations culture, and our success is built on a steadfast foundation of safety. Superior is proud to have a consistently strong safety record year in and year out. Safety is our top priority and the focus of our daily activities from the office to the field.

We strive to maintain the most impressive safety record in the industry. Furthermore, we exceed client expectations by utilizing a highly trained workforce, innovative systems and practical solutions to complete projects on time, within budget and with no recordable incidents. We believe that all accidents and injuries are preventable, and no aspect of our business is more important than safety.

Our empowerment for safety promotes individual responsibility and accountability by providing employees with the full authority to stop any work activity that represents a potential danger for the working crew or the public. We consistently reinforce our principles with safety education, training, and recognition for achievement at all levels of our organization. Striving year after year to achieve zero incident and an EMR rating unprecedented among competitors.